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Relationships +
Healing = 


How are your relationships?


How we function in ​relationships tells us a lot about how we are doing in our lives....

Are you ready to better understand what's going on in your relationships?  


You’re wondering what’s getting in the way of a truly satisfying relationship where you get your needs met. Whether this is in your romantic life or at work! Every relationship can be one where you feel heard and seen. A relationship where you know how to express yourself in a way that doesn’t leave you full of lingering regret and doesn’t leave either of you with that horrible emotional hangover the day after a big argument. 


Getting to the bottom of patterns that get us stuck, is where we start to heal our relational life. It can feel scary to try a new way – we know that feeling from our own relationship work.  The road to relational health requires vulnerability and we’ll be with you as you take the steps to a more satisfying, caring, and fulfilling way of relating. 


As life and professional partners our journey has been filled with many of the same issues that our clients are facing: second marriage, addressing past history in a new relationship, step-parenting, demanding careers, career transitions, merging financial mindsets, navigating the sometimes overwhelming world of raising children, the empty nest, sex & sexuality, moving/relocating, and meshing two different upbringings & styles of communicating.


There is a path to the relationship you want! Let us guide you - 



 You know that nagging feeling "that something just isn't quite right" or "I don't seem to be moving forward"?  We can help you break through the obstacles that are getting in your way -  Life's too short to be unhappy, unsure, or unfulfilled.



Stuck in unhelpful patterns? Does it feel like the loving connection you once felt is fading away...or flickering out completely? Let us help you uncover what's going on beneath the surface and resolve old narratives that are interfering with better communication, so you can have the fulfilling relationship you want.  



Coaching is dynamic and action-oriented.  It typically focuses on a few specific issues - working on 'moving the dial' on those issues purposefully and more quickly. Through coaching you  will learn how to navigate conflict, improve communication, problem-solving skills, skills, exploring gender and/or sexual identify, settling into life with a baby, or shifting into life with adult children. It's our most requested service! 

Therapy Sessions
And the time came when the risk it took to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.
Anais Nin
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